SafACEE Struct Reference

ESF Access Control Environment Element (ACEE). More...

Data Fields

char ACEE [4]
 Eye-catcher (SafACEE_NAME).
mf_uns8 Subpool
 Subpool number.
mf_uns8 Length [3]
 ACEE length (big-endian).
mf_uns8 Version
 ACEE version (SafACEE_VER).
mf_uns8 Reserved [3]
void * Iep
void * Inst
 User profile installation.
mf_uns8 filler1 [4]
mf_uns8 UserLen
 User ID length.
char User [8]
 User ID.
mf_uns8 GroupLen
 Group name length.
char Group [8]
 Group name.
mf_uns8 Flag1
mf_uns8 Flag2
mf_uns8 Flag3
mf_uns8 Date [3]
 Date ESF was started.
char Proc [8]
 Started proc name (or blank).
void * TermIdPtr
 Points to terminal ID.
mf_uns8 EsmAreas [8][8]
 Private areas for ESMs.
mf_uns8 Priority
mf_uns8 OperId [3]
mf_uns8 filler2
mf_uns8 OperClass [3]
mf_uns8 SecurityKeys [8]
mf_uns8 ResourceKeys [3]
mf_uns8 UserResourceKeys [3]
mf_uns8 Timeout [2]
mf_uns8 RdAccessFlags [24]
void * LongNameNext
mf_uns8 LongNameLen
 Length of user long name.
char LongName [255]
 User long name.

Detailed Description

ESF Access Control Environment Element (ACEE).

The ACEE is a control block used by ESF and security-aware applications in the MVS / zOS environment. ES ESF provides a partial emulation of the ACEE for MTO applications that refer to the ACEE. ES ESF Manager and ESM Modules also use the ACEE for some purposes, though because it is exposed to applications, ESF Manager does not use it to store security-sensitive information.

See ace-accessor-environment-elmt in cascbace.cpy.

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