Silk Meter 17.0 Release Notes

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For information about installation, deployment, and licensing issues, see the Installation Guide of the product that you are licensing with Silk Meter.

What's New Resolved Issues
System Requirements/Prerequisites Getting Help
Known Issues Installation Instructions

What's New


Silk Meter now uses upgraded versions of the following 3rd party components:


With version 17.0 all Silk products now fit together under the umbrella of the consolidated Micro Focus brand. With this move, the brands Attachmate, Borland, NetIQ, and Novell will disappear, while all the products of their respective brands become Micro Focus branded products.


The Silk Meter installer is now capable of uninstalling older versions and installing the new version at once.

License server stability improvements

The license server has been updated to run even more stable.


System Requirements/Prerequisites

Following are the system requirements for installing and running Silk Meter 17.0.

System Area Requirement
Platform Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2012 R2

Known Issues

Issue: Silk Meter clients cannot find the license server when performing license checks.
Workaround: Possible DNS issue. Silk Meter client and server must know each other by name. If not provided by a DNS service, add the information (name and IP address) to the host's files.

Issue: Silk Meter server does not work correctly when switching between standalone and server mode.
Workaround: Only use standalone mode when no other machine uses the computer as a license server. If configured for standalone mode, the local Silk Meter Manager should be stopped via the service manager. If the Silk Meter Manager is not stopped while running in standalone mode, remote computers can perform setting changes that override local settings.

Issue: Silk Meter standalone mode does not support host ID bound licenses for Java clients.
Workaround: None.

Issue: If User Access Control is turned on, the Policy Administrator must be started in elevated mode to successfully check in/out mobile licenses from a Silk Meter server.
Workaround: Start the Policy Administrator in elevated mode.


Resolved Issues

SI 2839810 Documentation is referring to Edit, Edit Grants and other menu options, which do not exist any longer.
SI 2859839 If Policy Administrator is running on an OS with UAC turned on, then reporting does not work.
RPI 575531 Silk Standalone License Installer throws error when closing.
US21237 Automatic restarts of the Silk Meter server are not logged.

Getting Help

Visit to communicate directly with Micro Focus SupportLine to resolve your issues or email
Visit Micro Focus SupportLine at for up-to-date support news and access to other support information. First time users may be required to register to the site.


Installation Instructions

The Silk Meter installer will guide you through the steps to uninstall any previous version of Silk Meter if necessary. If Silk Meter prior to version 15.0 is installed, you have to uninstall it manually first.
To keep your settings and policies, select "No" when you are prompted to delete the Silk Meter settings during the uninstall process.

For information about installation, deployment, and licensing issues, see the Installation Guide of the product that you are licensing with Silk Meter.


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