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My Incidents

You use this section of the website to communicate directly with Micro Focus staff to resolve your issues. The following sections are available:

Suggestion Box - Submit a suggestion for a new feature that you would like to see added to an existing product.
Note: Micro Focus cannot guarantee that any specific suggestion will be implemented, but we do consider all ideas we receive.

Report an Incident - Report a technical product problem to SupportLine. The problem ("incident") will be automatically directed to your local SupportLine office, where it will be assigned the same priority as it would be had you reported it by telephone.

Advanced Search - Use incident number and status to search for a reported incident.

My Open Incidents - Access your current open incidents.

All My Incidents - Access all the incidents you have reported.

My Company Incidents - Access all incidents reported by anyone in your company.

My Open Company Incidents - Access all open incidents reported by anyone in your company.