Micro Focus Agreements

Licenses ("EULAs")

The right to use Micro Focus’ software is granted through end user license agreements ("EULAs") which set out the terms of usage for our products.

All our products are issued with an applicable EULA. Just as our products have evolved over time, so Micro Focus EULAs and licensing options have changed to reflect that evolution and other changes in technology. A EULA applicable to one product version is not necessarily the EULA applicable to another version of the same product.

A number of Micro Focus products are grouped into Development and Deployment products for licensing purposes. (For example, a Development License may govern the use of development tools such as the COBOL compiler, whereas a Deployment License (also often called a "Run-time License") would control the run-time execution of compiled programs and applications).

Products are supplied with unique traceable serial numbers and many of our products require license keys for operation. Many products which were supplied by other companies may now be Micro Focus Group products due to our acquisitions of AcuCorp, Liant, Net Manage, HAL Knowledge Solutions, Relativity, Compuware and Borland. Certain products and licensing models are no longer available.

Micro Focus’ licenses are personal to the original licensee and are not transferable without our consent. Micro Focus may agree to a customer assigning a license to another party or to extended user arrangements where service providers are involved, subject to our then current prices and terms. Not all our customers obtain product direct from Micro Focus. We may have specific contractual arrangements with Distributors/Resellers, ISVs and VARs providing alternative supply routes.

Maintenance and Support Agreements
Services for maintenance and support are available from Micro Focus under our Maintenance and Support Agreements, which are revised from time to time to reflect changes in customer requirements. We are able to offer different levels of support depending on the product and customer needs.

Consultancy Agreements
Micro Focus is able to provide Consultancy services on a time and materials basis.

Queries on the above may be directed via email to lvpexpert@microfocus.com