Liant License Instructions

In order to install an amendment license on your system, you will need a program to install the new license into the existing license vault. This utility program, licverifyall, may be downloaded from the SupportLine website.

You may install the amendment license while users continue to use the Liant products. Note, however, that for all the changes to take effect, you will either need to restart the Liant product or, for some server-based products, restart the service or reboot the machine.

To install the amendment license, follow these steps:
  • Locate the directory containing the existing license vault, license.vlt.
  • Make a copy of the original vault for safekeeping.
  • If there is an old amendment license, liant.lic, in the same directory as the vault, rename it.
  • Place the new amendment license, liant.lic, into the directory with the vault.
  • Either download the licverifyall license utility into the directory with the vault or locate it in the SupportTools subdirectory of the installation directory (newer systems only).
    • If the license vault is in the parent directory of SupportTools, you may execute the licverifyall program from the SupportTools subdirectory.
    • If the license vault is not in the parent directory of SupportTools, copy the licverifyall program into the directory containing the license vault.
  • Execute the licverifyall program with no parameters. It will find the new amendment and the existing vault, and insert the amendment into the vault. Status messages will indicate where the license file and vault are located, and which amendments have been installed.
Note: On Windows Vista systems, a new use count will not take effect until the Liant RMUC Service is restarted. This can be accomplished by restarting the system or, an administrator can restart the service without needing to restart the system.

Note: On UNIX and Linux systems, if the rmdaemon is running, it will not accept a new license.vlt with a different Use Count. The error on versions prior to version 9 will report "Error invoking unauthorized copy of runtime." Version 9 will report "Use Count Mismatch".

If the amendment adds Use Count, wait until the rmdaemon is no longer running, or reboot the system, or use kill -15 to kill the rmdaemon. Do this only when no COBOL programs are running. DO NOT use kill -9; that will likely leave shared memory or semaphores locked.

If you have any problems, please contact your distributor or Liant Technical Support.

Click here to download licverifyall.