"Cobol run time library not installed - File not found" message

Product:  Workbench KB Number:  1440
Product Family:  Workbench Date Published:  2002-05-04 00:00:00.000

When attempting to execute a COBOL program the following message is displayed: "Cobol run time library not installed - File not found"

Under Windows NT/2000/XP you will receive this error when you attempt to execute a 16bit COBOL program that is a "family mode" program like "run", "wb", "cobol" or "editor". All these programs are "triggers" and include both a DOS and OS/2 version of the program. Windows NT/2000/XP will ignore the DOS version of the program and recognize the OS/2 version, searching for the OS/2 run-time support, and failing to find any, results in display of the message. This ca be overcome by using: C:\>FORCEDOS RUN ... or C:\>XM RUN ... FORCEDOS is a NT/2000/XP command that ignores the OS/2 program version and executes the DOS version of the program. XM is a DOS program.
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