1035-E Key is not wholly contained within minimum record length

Product:  Net Express KB Number:  3830
Product Family:  Net Express Date Published:  2003-05-05 00:00:00.000

Release: 3.1 If a record defined in the FD has multiple 01 levels, make sure that each contain enough characters to at least exceed the number of characters required to cover the prime key and any alternate keys. The minimum number of characters that can be defined is the number from character 1 in the record to the last character of the last key filed, whether that be prime or alternate.

eg. FD TEMP-FILE. 01 TEMP-REC. 05 PRIME-KEY PIC X(5). 05 OTHER-DATA PIC X(20). 05 ALT-KEY PIC 99. 05 MORE-DATA PIC X(100). 01 ANOTHER-REC. 05 PRIME-KEY PIC X(5). 05 FILLER PIC X(22). Record must be at least 27 characters long to be a valid record.
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