Relinking ACUCOBOL-GT with Acu4GL for Oracle

August 1, 2001

A common issue that arises when relinking runcbl with Acu4GL for Oracle on a UNIX or Linux system is generating a Makefile that has the Oracle libraries specified by their correct names in the correct order for a successful relink.

Acucorp’s Acu4GL for Oracle development team suggests adding the following to the FSI_LIBS line to see if it resolves relinking problems:

FSI_LIBS = -L$ORACLE_HOME/lib –lclntsh `cat $ORACLE_HOME/lib/sysliblist`

In the above, $ORACLE_HOME should be replaced with the full path that it is set to in the OS environment, e.g.:


Then the FSI_LIBS line should be:

-L/opt/oracle/lib –lclntsh `cat /opt/oracle/lib/sysliblist`

You should check to make sure that the "libclntsh" library exists (it can have several possible suffixes " .o", " .a", " .so", " .sl", etc), prior to using this suggestion.

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