Receiving a "Not enough resources" error message

Q: Occasionally when developing applications with AcuBench I receive a "Not enough resources" error message indicating that I need to shut some applications down. Why does this occur?

A: Developers using Windows 98 machines have experienced this message. This message has nothing to do with the amount of physical memory but rather with various resources or heaps (a portion of memory reserved for the program's use) that Windows uses. AcuBench uses system resources and on the Windows 98 one of the most common resource or heap to run out of is the USER heap or the Graphics heap. Other applications use these heaps as well and therefore it is possible that AcuBench would run out of resources. The solutions are to close down one or more of the other applications when developing with AcuBench or upgrade to Windows 2000 or Windows NT which manages these resources better.

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