Using AcuBench® as Your Default Editor

December 2004

While AcuBench® is Acucorp's integrated GUI-based development environment for COBOL on the Microsoft Windows platform, it can also be used as a full feature text editor. For Example, suppose you wanted to quickly edit a DOS batch file, the ACUCOBOL-GT® runtime configuration file or HTML documents. If you are already using AcuBench regularly, use AcuBench!

Two Approaches
From AcuBench's File menu, select Open to view or edit any text file. This is the easiest approach and works fine for most user requirements. The Edit menu provides Find and Replace functionality, including case-insensitive searches, Find in files, Go to line number, Replace text strings in any readable file on your computer, and more. The File menu offers Print and Print Preview functionality.

However, if you rely on some of AcuBench's project functionality, such as reloading the documents from your last session, create an AcuBench project.

Create a New Blank Project
The first step is to create a new project with only those settings needed for a text editor. Launch AcuBench.

Use the Tools menu to eliminate the overhead of subfolders (e.g. Source, Object, List, etc). Select Options, expand Environment, and select Prefix. Replace each of the Working directories with a period ("." or dot, as in current directory).

From AcuBench's File menu, choose New and select Blank Project. AcuBench will open a new workspace using your default settings.

Creating a project instead of simply opening a file provides the extra benefits associated with an AcuBench project.

For example, two helpful settings are Reload last workspace and Reload documents. Select Options from the Tools menu, expand Environment and select General. To reload the last workspace that was opened, set On startup Reload last workspace. To reopen all files that were open the last time, set On open workspace Reload Documents.

As you won't be using all of AcuBench's windows (e.g., Property, Workspace, Output, and Component Toolboxes), hide them. This can be accomplished from the View menu by toggling each view or by a right-click and then selecting Hide.

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