Known Errors and Restrictions in Net Express

Where an entry arose from a problem report, the report's number is given, to enable Product Support to help you more quickly if you call. These numbers are called Reported Product Issue (RPI) numbers.

The restrictions covered here are those that are not covered elsewhere in the documentation, or that are of a temporary nature and may be removed in a later product. Permanent limits are generally covered in the main help.

The notes below describe some known errors and restrictions in the Net Express IDE and in unmanaged ( not .NET) code support:

For restrictions with Java software and J2EE application servers, see Third Party Software.

For restrictions with Enterprise Server, see Known Errors and Restrictions in Micro Focus Server.

If you have installed a WrapPack containing updates to your installation, the fixes and any last-minute issues are documented in the WrapPack Readme. This is downloadable with the WrapPack from the SupportLine Web site. For details of how to get the latest information see Updates and SupportLine

64-bit - Unsupported Features


CBL2XML Wizard



Currency Symbols

DB2 and ECM

Deploying to Enterprise Server

Dialog System


Enhanced ACCEPT/DISPLAY Syntax (Adis)

File Handling


Form Designer


IMS Support

To use the IBM IMS TM or IBM IMS DB compatibility features you must have installed WrapPack 3 for Net Express 5.0, Server Express 5.0 and/or Micro Focus Server 5.0. See Updates and SupportLine for information about finding updates.

The following list summarizes general restrictions with the support for IMS:

The following list summarizes known restrictions in IMS DB functionality:

The following aspects of IMS TM behavior are not supported:

The following list summarizes known restrictions in IMS TM functionality:

Integrated Development Environment

Interface Mapping Toolkit

Internet Application Wizard

J2EE Documentation

Mainframe Transaction Option

Micro Focus Directory Server

Network File Access

Object Oriented COBOL (unmanaged)

Object-oriented Programming (unmanaged)



Oracle Application Server

Project Handling



Run-time Behavior


SQL Option for DB2

Test Coverage


UNIX Option



XML Support

XML Syntax Extensions