Returns information about the operating system environment.

call "CBL_GET_OS_INFO" using     parameter-block
                       returning status-code
Using call prototype (see Key) Picture (32-bit systems)
parameter-block Group predefined as cblt-os-info-params containing: Group containing:
  cblte-osi-length   cblt-x2-compx value 28   pic x(2) comp-x value 28.
  cblte-osi-os-type   cblt-x1-compx   pic x comp-x.
  cblte-osi-os-version   cblt-x4-compx   pic x(4) comp-x.
  cblte-osi-dbcs-support   cblt-x1-compx   pic x comp-x.
  cblte-osi-char-coding   cblt-x1-compx   pic x comp-x.
  cblte-osi-country-id   cblt-x2-compx   pic x(2) comp-x.
  cblte-osi-code-page   cblt-x2-compx   pic x(2) comp-x.
  cblte-osi-process-type   cblt-x1-compx   pic x comp-x.
  cblte-osi-rts-capabilities   cblt-x4-compx   pic x(4) comp-x.
  cblte-osi-product   cblt-x2-compx   pic x(2) comp-x.
  cblte-osi-product-version   cblt-x2-compx   pic x(2) comp-x.
  cblte-osi-product-revision   cblt-x2-compx   pic x(2) comp-x.
  cblte-osi-product-sp   cblt-x2-compx   pic x(2) comp-x.
  cblte-osi-fixpack   cblt-x2-compx   pic x(2) comp-x.
status-code See Key
On Entry:
cblte-osi-os-length Length of the information expected to be returned.
On Exit:
cblte-osi-os-length Length of the information returned; this can be less than or equal to the length on entry
cblte-osi-os-type 131 for Windows systems, 128 for COBOL system on UNIX
cblte-osi-os-version Use is specific to the operating system. Can include information such as chip type and the operating system version number. For Windows the third and fourth bytes contain the minor and major release operating system version numbers respectively.
cblte-osi-dbcs-support DBCS support flag:
bit 0
0 if DBCS validation unsupported
1 if DBCS validation supported
bit 1
0 if PIC N data-type unsupported
1 if PIC N data-type supported
cblte-osi-char-coding Character encoding:
1 Shift-JIS
2 EUC Japan
3 BIG-5 (Traditional Chinese)
4 5550 (Traditional Chinese)
5 GB (Simplified Chinese)
6 KS-CODE (Korean)
7 PC-CODE (Korean)
8 EUC Taiwan
9 Other EUC locales

Country code. See your operating system documentation for an explanation of country codes.


Code page. See your operating system documentation for an explanation of code page codes.


Process type:

0 Process is running in a full screen session
3 Process is running as a true graphical application
cblte-osi-rts-capabilities Characteristics of run-time system. Set as follows:


1 Mainframe offloading capabilities, namely mainframe pointer emulation
2 64-bit capability; the run-time system is running on a 64-bit operating system
3 Indicates whether the program is running under the control of Enterprise Server
4 Indicates that the run-time system is running in Enterprise Server mode
5 Indicates whether the program is running under the CLR (Common Language Runtime)
6-31 Reserved for future use and will be set to 0 by this routine
cblte-osi-product Product identifier:
0 Unknown (backward compatibility)
1 Server Express
2 Net Express
3 Mainframe Express
cblte-osi-product-version Product version, for example, for Net Express 4.0, this field would be set to 4
cblte-osi-product-revision Product revision, for example, for Net Express 4.5, this field would be set to 5
cblte-osi-product-sp Product service pack level, for example, for Server Express 4.0 Service Pack 1, this field would be set to 1
cblte-osi-fixpack On Windows this field indicates the RTS fixpack version, for example, for the Net Express 4.0 RTS09N40 FixPack, this field would be set to 9. On UNIX, where individual component fixpacks are not provided, this field indicates the product fixpack version.
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