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AccuRev® Web Interface
Copyright and Trademarks
Using This Book
Typographical Conventions
Contacting Technical Support
Getting Started
Initial Web UI Display
Using AccuRev® Features
AccuRev® Views in the Web UI
File Browser
History Browser
Version Browser
Diffing Files in AccuRev®
Reviewing Changes to Text Files
Adding a Stream to a Depot
Using the Open Command
Promoting Elements
Displaying Element Properties
Reactivating a Stream
Removing a Stream
Save As
Displaying Active Transactions
Submitting AccuRev Elements to Code Review
Using AccuWork™
AccuWork™ Views in the Web UI
New Query Tab
Query Browser
Query Editor
Issue Edit Form
Searching for Issues
Reports About Issues
Common AccuWork Commands
Using Workflow to Manage Issues
Using Workflow to Enforce SCM Policy
What is a Workflow?
Benefits of Using Workflow
Quick Start: Implementing a Simple Workflow
Creating and Managing Workflows
Creating and Managing Workflow Stages
Creating and Managing Workflow Transitions
Linking Workflow Stages
Specifying Actions for Stages and Transitions
Using Workflow to Enforce SCM Policies
Example: Implementing a Workflow
Advanced Topics
Using URLs to Access AccuRev® Data
Obtaining Web UI Links
User-Specified URLs
URLs for AccuRev® Elements
URLs for AccuRev® Element Views
URLs for Stream History and Transactions
URLs for AccuWork™ Queries and Issues
URLs for Queries with Calculated Columns
URL for Displaying the Web UI Without a Toolbar