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Copyright and Trademarks
Overview of the On-Line Help
Help Topics for Multiple Features
Using the AccuRev GUI
Choosing a Stream to be Used for a Command
The File Chooser Dialog
The GUI Main Toolbar
The GUI Main Menu
The New Depot Command
The New Workspace Command
The New Stream and Change Stream Commands(Stream Configuration dialog)
The Workspaces Tab / The Open Workspace Dialog
The New Snapshot Command
The Properties Command
The Synchronize Time Command
The Show Info Dialog
The Server Tasks Tab
The Login Command
The Change Password Command
Filter Users/Groups(View Users/Groups Command)
AccuRev Preferences (Tools > Preferences Command)
The Depots Tab
The Reference Trees Tab
The New Reference Tree Command
The Triggers Tab
The Slices Tab
The Locks Command
The File Browser
Outgoing Changes Mode
Incoming Changes Mode
Conflicts Mode
Anchor: Preventing Files from Being Overwritten
Annotate: Reviewing Transactions on an Element
Creating a New File
Creating a New Folder
Cut, Copy, and Paste
Defunct: Removing Elements from the Workspace
Delete: Deleting Elements from a Workspace Tree
Including and Excluding Files
Keep: Creating a New Version
Populate: Restoring Deleted Elements
Promote: Sharing Your Work
Renaming an Element
Revert: Undoing Changes
Choosing a Workspace for the Revert Command
Revert to Basis
Revert to Most Recent Version
Send to Workspace
Update: Keeping Your Workspace Current
The Update Progress Box
WIP: Identifying Work in Progress
The Default Group of a Workspace or Stream
Real Versions and Virtual Versions
AccuRev Element Status Reference
The StreamBrowser
Working in the StreamBrowser
Using Stream Favorites
Creating a Stream Favorite
Working with Stream Favorites
Getting Others’ Stream Favorites
The Overlaps Tab
The Remove Stream Command(and the Remove Workspace Command)
Find Stream
The Stream Diff (Files) Tab(Show Diff By Files command)
Commands That Operate on the Selected Version
The Active Issues Tab
The Active Transactions Tab(Show Active Transactions)
The Stream Version Browser
The Patch List Tab (Show Patch List command)
The History Browser
The Version Browser
Diff, Merge, Patch, and the Change Palette
The Diff Tool
Diff Previous Transaction Error
The Search Command
Patch and Patch From
Show Patch List
Resolving Namespace Conflicts
Merging Versions of a Binary File
Merging Versions of a Link
The Merge Complete Dialog
The Change Palette
Selecting a Workspace for Performing Merges
The Security/Users Subtab
The Security/Groups Subtab
The Security/ACL Subtab
The Available AccuRev Servers Dialog(and the New Server and Edit Server dialogs)
The Edit Form
The New File Attachment Dialog
The New URL Attachment Dialog
The AccuWork Queries Tab
The AccuWork Query Editor
Setup Columns
Change Packages
The Issues Conflict Message Box
Promote Coalesce Error
Send to Issue : Associating Changes with an Issue
The Active Issues Tab(Show Active Issues)
The Stream Diff (Issues) Tab
The Schema Editor (Administrators Only)
"No Schema" Error
Schema Tab
Layout Tab
Lists Tab
Relationship Types Tab
Validation Tab
Change Packages Tab
Support and Troubleshooting