StarTeam/CaliberRM LDAP QuickStart Manager 2009 Release Notes

This file contains important information that may not appear in online Help. Read this file in its entirety.

Note: The information in this readme represents the known issues at the time of this release. For late-breaking information that may become available after the release, check the Borland web site for the most recent version of this readme:

For an overview of the new features in the current release, see the What's New topic in StarTeam Help or the About This Release section in Chapter 1 of the StarTeam/CaliberRM LDAP QuickStart Manager 2009 Administration Guide.

System Requirements/Prerequisites Getting Help  
Known Issues Installation Instructions

System Requirements/Prerequisites

StarTeam/CaliberRM LDAP QuickStart Manager works on any system supported by CaliberRM and StarTeam Cross-Platform clients.

You must upgrade to the latest CaliberRM version prior to installing LDAP QuickStart Manager 2009 CaliberRM. Refer to the "Performing an Upgrade" section of the CaliberRM Installation Guide.


Known Issues

The following are known issues in Borland LDAP QuickStart Manager:



The following is a limitation in StarTeam/CaliberRM LDAP QuickStart Manager:

The more users you import at the same time, the more memory the import operation requires. One indication that the import operation exceeds the amount of available memory is that the LDAP QuickStart Manager main window cannot repaint.  If you run out of memory during an operation, you can:


Getting Help

For technical support, contact the Borland Support Center at


Installation Instructions

For information on installation, please see the StarTeam/CaliberRM LDAP QuickStart Manager 2009 Installation Instructions (ST_CA_LDAP_Install.html) available in the root directory on your installation CD and in the C:\Program Files\Borland\LDAP QuickStart Manager default directory after the installation.


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