StarTeam® Datamart 2009 Release Notes

Last updated: April. 10, 2009

This file contains important information that may not appear in online Help. Read this file in its entirety.

For an overview of the new features in the current release, see the What's New topic in the StarTeam 2009 Datamart User Guide (ST_Datamart_Help.pdf).

Note: The information in this readme represents the known issues at the time of this release. For late-breaking information that may become available after the release, check the Borland web site for the most recent version of this readme:


System Requirements/Prerequisites Known Documentation Issues  
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Known Issues

System Requirements/Prerequisites

Following are the system requirements for installing and running StarTeam Datamart 2009.

System Area Requirement

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP3

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express SP3

Oracle 10g, version

Oracle 11g, version

Note: For database system requirements, refer to the database vendor guidelines.

JDBC drivers

It is necessary to download and install the native JDBC drivers for MS or Oracle databases on the computer that hosts the StarTeam Datamart Extractor. The native drivers provide greater performance than other redistributable drivers and include support for double-byte characters. You can download these drivers for free at the web site for the appropriate vendor:


600-MHz Pentium III-class processor or greater

600-MHz Sun SPARC/UltraSPARC


512MB minimum

1GB or more recommended

Optional reporting software

Business Objects 6.5, XI, and XIR2 or higher (Required when using Datamart Synchronizer)

Crystal Reports 10 or higher

Hard disk space 100 MB available disk space for application and installation
Other Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher for viewing the StarTeam 2009 Datamart User Guide (ST_Datamart_Help.pdf)

NOTE: The StarTeam Datamart Extractor benefits from hardware that provides faster data write speeds such as high RPM hard drives.


Installation Instructions

For information about installation, see the StarTeam 2009 Datamart User Guide (ST_Datamart_Help.pdf). The default location is <C:\Program Files\Borland\StarTeam Datamart\Documentation> or on the product CD in the Documentation folder. You can also download a copy from the Borland Technical Publications Web site:


Known Issues

The following are known issues in StarTeam Datamart 2009.

Uninstalling Datamart:
StarTeam Datamart uses InstallAnywhere for installation. If you encounter one of the following error messages when uninstalling this product from a Windows system:

"Can't launch executable. Could not find a suitable Java Virtual Machine on your system."


"Windows error 3 occurred while loading the Java VM."

you may need to install JRE 1.6.0_13 or earlier from A copy of it is also on the StarTeam CD in the Utility folder.


Known Documentation Issues

The following information is missing from the StarTeam Datamart 2009 User Guide.


Getting Help

Borland Technical Support



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