Borland® StarTeam® 13.0 Synchronizer for Quality Center Release Notes

Last updated: September 10, 2012

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What's New

The following features are new:

System Requirements/Prerequisites

StarTeam Synchronizer for Quality Center has been tested on Windows Server 2003 SP2 (32-bit version). It is recommended that you install the Synchronizer on the same computer on which the Synchronizer for Quality Center database resides, unless that is not a Windows platform. Because of the OTA APIs, the Synchronizer must run on a Windows operating system. It has no unusual operating system requirements.

The software listed above does not need to be located on the same machine as the Synchronizer, which can, if desired, run on a separate machine. However, the Synchronizer must have network access to the Synchronizer for Quality Center database and the StarTeam Server.

Installation Instructions

To install the Synchronizer, run the file ST_QC_Synchronizer.exe and follow the onscreen directions. ST_QC_Synchronizer.exe is a self-extracting executable that, by default, creates a folder named StarTeam Synchronizer in your Temp folder. It also adds files like setup.exe, which automatically installs the integration files and runs the self-extracting executable StarTeam-runtime.exe. StarTeam-runtime.exe installs the StarTeam SDK, which enables the integration to access the StarTeam Server.

If you are using the StarTeam Server for Windows and installing over a previous version of the Synchronizer, the installer renames the following files to preserve any changes you might have made to them:

Known Issues

The following are known issues in StarTeam Synchronizer for Quality Center.

Getting Help

For technical support, contact the Micro Focus SupportLine at

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