Manual product authorization

Please enter your authorization code and the machine ID in order to obtain the license string(s) you will need to manually authorize your product installation. If you wish for the string(s) to be sent to you, enter your e-mail address in the appropriate field.

Authorization Code:

16 digit string printed on card provided within product packaging or sent via e-mail.

Machine ID:

This is the machine identification string (the old style machine ID, in form of x-12345) that is obtained via Options/ Machine ID Selector in your license administration tool on Windows or when you select Get Machine Id on UNIX/Linux.

Email Address:

This is the address to which the license string(s) will be sent.


Press the Generate button to obtain your license string(s).

In order to install the license string(s) copy the license data into a text file (giving it a name eg. lic.txt) and copy that file onto your installation machine.

Then use the administration utility to install the licenses ...

On Windows: copy/paste all the license string(s) into the License string field on the Authorize tab of the license administration tool and click Install Licenses. Note: In the latest version of the tool the Authorize tab is renamed the Install tab.

On UNIX/Linux: Copy the license string(s) into a file, select Install Licenses in the Licensing Administration utility and enter the full path and filename when prompted.

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