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DevPartner Studio Enterprise Edition

Version 9.1.0

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DevPartner Studio 9.1.0 Enterprise Edition is a suite of tightly integrated development features. DevPartner Studio incorporates code reviewing, error detection, two kinds of performance analysis, coverage analysis, and a memory analysis feature all integrated into Visual Studio, and includes TrackRecord and Reconcile. DevPartner Studio helps developers detect, diagnose, and resolve software bugs, maximize code performance, and ensure optimal code coverage and testing.  


For licensing, system requirement, supported environments, and installation information, see the DevPartner Studio Enterprise Edition Installation Guide, Distributed License Management Licensing Guide and the DevPartner Studio Installation Guide.

DevPartner Studio provides installation and licensing guides in PDF format. Users can print any product documentation offered in PDF format by opening the document and using the Adobe Reader print options. The DevPartner Studio Enterprise Edition Installation Guide is also accessible from the DevPartner installation media, by clicking on the "Read the installation guide" link on the initial setup page. These documents can be opened and printed prior to installation.

(If you do not have the Adobe Reader, you can download it from the Adobe Web site.)

Before installation, note the following:

Installable Packages on the DevPartner Studio 9.1.0 Installation Media

The DevPartner Studio 9.1.0 distribution media contains two separately installable packages:

The DevPartner Studio installation program automatically detects supported releases of Visual Studio on the target system and installs the appropriate DevPartner package. If the target system contains an ambiguous combination of Visual Studio versions, the installation program will prompt the user for a choice of which one to install. Only one version of DevPartner Studio may be installed on a single system at any given time.

Refer to the Installing DevPartner Guide for more information on installation options.

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InfoCenter and PDF Manuals

Information about DevPartner is available through the InfoCenter option in the Start>Programs>Micro Focus>DevPartner Studio menu. For general product information, refer to the Understanding DevPartner manual and the DevPartner Studio Quick Reference guide available through the InfoCenter.

(If you do not have the Adobe Reader, you can download it from the Adobe Web site.)

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What's New in This Release

New in Release 9.1.0

Micro Focus Purchases Quality Solutions Products from Compuware

On June 1, 2009, Micro Focus purchased Quality Solutions products from Compuware Corporation. Newbury, England-based Micro Focus provides enterprise application management and modernization solutions. Compuware and Micro Focus will continue to collaborate to ensure that customers receive uninterrupted service and obtain the full value of both companiesí product capabilities.

While service and product quality are continuous during this transition, there are a few changes to consider:

Contact for product support

For the most recent product updates and information, go to SupportLine, the Micro Focus customer care Web site. The Customer Care phone number has not changed during this first release. In the near future, look for phone number and mailing address changes. You can find the new contact information posted on SupportLine in an updated Release Notes for each product and in future product release documentation.

Installation Path and Start Menu Changes

The default installation paths for the Quality Solutions products have changed from x:\Program Files\Compuware\ to x:\Program Files\Micro Focus\. Correspondingly, the Start menu paths also have changed to reflect the move from Compuware to Micro Focus. If you have installed with a customized path, you will not experience any changes to the installation directory during migration.

Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Internet Explorer 8 Support

DevPartner 9.1.0 runs on both Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 operating systems. All existing DevPartner product capabilities from installation, operation, documentation, and integration with Visual Studio and other systems remain intact with these Windows operating systems. DevPartner also supports Internet Explorer 8 under these operating systems with limitations. See the item "Web Script Coverage and Performance Yield Incomplete Results on Internet Explorer 8.0" in the DevPartner 9.1.0 Known Issues for more information.

Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.5 Support

DevPartner 9.1.0 provides full analysis capability for ASP.NET applications and services hosted on Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.5. Full DevPartner Support for IIS is across all supported DevPartner operating system platforms, including Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

Project Selection in Code Review Batch Mode

With previous releases of DevPartner, all projects in a solution were reviewed when running Code Review using CRBatch from the command line. DevPartner release 9.1.0 lets you select specific projects to be reviewed. To do this, follow the /l parameter in the CRBatch command with the name of an XML file that contains a list of specified projects. DevPartner generates the XML file based on projects selected for the solution in the Code Review options.

Specifying individual projects within a solution for code review frees you from Visual Studio IDE dependence when you only want to process portions of a solution for code review. Running code review on selected projects in batch mode also gives you the flexibility to tailor code reviews on large solutions to only the desired areas of code. This can help shorten code review batch runs and streamline overnight code review batch processing.

Experimental Support for Micro Focus Studio Enterprise Edition (EE) COBOL for .NET Projects

DevPartner now allows you to analyze Micro Focus Studio EE COBOL for .NET project types. This includes memory analysis, performance analysis, coverage analysis for managed COBOL for .NET projects. In-depth performance for COBOL for .NET projects can be done where standard disk I/O, network and other Microsoft standard .NET calls are used. Micro Focus Studio Enterprise Edition must be installed on the same computer as Visual Studio to enable the Micro Focus Studio EE COBOL for .NET project type for analysis.

Support is limited to experimental usage in this release, and no Code Review or native COBOL support is provided. DevPartner customers who wish to provide feedback on this capability should identify themselves through the Micro Focus SupportLine Customer Care web site.

Compile, Instrument Unmanaged Code, Set Environments, and Build from the Command Line

With DevPartner 9.1.0, a single command lets you compile, instrument unmanaged code in a project or solution, and build the project or solution from the command line. The NMDEVENV command combines the code instrumentation and compile capability of the DevPartner NMCL command with build capability of the Visual Studio DEVENV command. NMDEVENV replaces the Visual Studio DEVENV command and gives you the flexibility to instrument, compile, and build solutions in batch processing and from the command line without multiple commands. NMDEVENV uses Visual Studio instrumentation options set for the project or solution being instrumented and built, ending the need to enter instrumentation options in command syntax.

Use NMDEVENV with the NMCL option to enable instrumentation, and the DEVENV /Build or /Rebuild switch. Specify the project or solution, and whether to build with debugging. Note that if Debug is used and you have multiple debug configurations, Debug must be in quotes and entered with a specific qualifier (for example Debug|Win32. No DEVENV IDE switches or other switches are needed.

NMDEVENV is located in the \\Program Files\Common Files\Compuware\NMShared folder by default.


To build the debug configuration of a project with Error Detection instrumentation:

NMDEVENV /nmbcon sample.vcproj /build debug

To build the debug configuration of the sample solution with Performance and Coverage instrumentation:

NMDEVENV /nmtxon sample.sln debug

To build a Windows 32-bit debug configuration (if multiple configurations exist) of the sample project with both Error Detection and Coverage instrumentation:

NMDEVENV /nmbcon /nmtxon sample.vcproj "debug|Win32"

New in Release 9.0.0

Visual Studio 2008 Support

DevPartner Studio provides full Microsoft Visual Studio support. This includes full support in analysis of applications developed using Microsoft Visual Studio, and full integration into the Visual Studio 2008 IDE.

Windows 64-bit Support

DevPartner Studio supports development and testing of 32-bit Windows applications on 64-bit platforms. 32-bit applications running under WoW64 (32-bit emulator) are also supported. DevPartner Studio does not support 64-bit applications.

Management Reports

DevPartner Studio provides code quality reporting capabilities that leverage DevPartner XML data to produce HTML reports for Development and QA Managers.

Project Types

DevPartner Studio supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 project types. The project types supported by each DevPartner feature are now documented in the DevPartner online help system and in the Understanding DevPartner manual.

Windows Server 2008 Support

DevPartner Studio supports 32-bit Windows applications on 64-bit platforms on the Windows Server 2008 operating system.

LINQ Support

DevPartner provides LINQ block level support for analysis.

AJAX Support

DevPartner provides performance and coverage analysis support for AJAX language features in Visual Studio 2008.

Analyzing Mixed Code Solutions

You can now collect data for unmanaged code portions when profiling a Visual C++ mixed-code solution.

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Known Issues

If you have Internet access, visit the DevPartner Documentation page the Micro Focus SupportLine site to view the Known Issues file that contains a current list of known DevPartner Studio issues. This list is updated with new information as it becomes available.

If you are unable to access the Known Issues file through the Internet, refer to the KnownIssues.htm file on your DevPartner CD or, after installation, in the Program Files\Micro Focus\DevPartner Studio directory. The installed version of the Known Issues file contains information available at the time of product release.

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Contacting Micro Focus Customer Care

If ever you have any problems or you would like additional technical information or advice, there are several sources. In some countries, product support from Micro Focus may be available only to customers who have maintenance agreements.

If you obtained this product directly from Micro Focus, contact us as described below. If you obtained it from another source, such as an authorized distributor, contact them for help first. If they are unable to help, contact us as described below.

However you contact us, please try to include the information below, if you have it. The more information you can give, the better Product Support can help you. But if you don't know all the answers, or you think some are irrelevant to your problem, please give whatever information you have.


Our Web site gives up-to-date details of contact numbers and addresses. The product support pages contain considerable additional information, including the WebSync service, where you can download fixes and documentation updates. To connect, enter in your browser to go to the Micro Focus home page.

If you are a Micro Focus Product Support customer, please see your Product Support Handbook for contact information. You can download it from our Web site or order it in printed form from your sales representative. Support from Micro Focus may be available only to customers who have maintenance agreements.

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DevPartner Studio Enterprise Edition Release Notes

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