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3.2 How Thin Clients Work

In a thin client configuration, your application is composed of two logical layers: a user interface (UI) layer on the display host (client) and a COBOL layer on the application host (server). The UI layer handles screen, mouse, and keyboard activity, and the COBOL layer performs application processing. Because no application components are required on the client (unless you want to use ActiveX controls), it is considered to be "thin."

Rather than forcing you to split your application into client and server components, the ACUCOBOL-GT runtime has been split so that your existing application can be displayed on the client. The portion that is installed on the client is known as the "ACUCOBOL-GT Thin Client". (Currently, the thin client runs only on 32-bit Windows machines.) The full ACUCOBOL-GT runtime is installed on the server.

To function, the split runtime makes use of the AcuConnect® application server software. The role of AcuConnect is to listen for requests from clients to launch the ACUCOBOL-GT runtime on the server. You license the server runtime for a specific number of concurrent users.

Together, the ACUCOBOL-GT Thin Client, the ACUCOBOL-GT runtime, and AcuConnect are the enabling technologies that make up Acucorp's thin client solution.

If you want to provide Web access to your applications, you can include them on your Web page along with the ACUCOBOL-GT Thin Client, license agreement permitting. To access programs from your Web site, users download and install the thin client on their machine and then click a link on your site. Section 3.3 provides instructions for providing Web access to thin client applications.

To run programs over the Internet independent of the Web, thin client users simply specify an IP address or known server name when starting the ACUCOBOL-GT Thin Client. Section 3.4 provides more details on this approach.

Note: Please review the license agreements of any third-party product that may be invoked when you are accessing the server from a remote location through the ACUCOBOL-GT Thin Client. For instance, if you will be accessing a Windows server through a virtual private network, you should review Microsoft's end user license agreement.

For a comprehensive look at Acucorp's thin client technology, please refer to the AcuConnect User's Guide.

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