AcuODBC User's Guide
Version 6.0

9.5.2 Configuring a DSN Using

This section provides a sample session to illustrate the process of configuring a new DSN. Various factors, including the particulars of your DSN and whether or not you are modifying an existing DSN, determine which prompts you see when you use the utility. This section tries to show the majority of the possible options.

The sample sessions indicate those areas where your response must be case-sensitive. If a comment about case-sensitivity does not appear, you can enter your response using either uppercase or lowercase letters.

Throughout the utility, defaults appear in square brackets at the end of each question. To accept the default, simply press Enter. In the sample session below, defaults have been chosen where you do not see a specific response to a question. Responses are shown in boldface.

Caution: At the end of your session, be sure to save the data. If you do not save the data when you exit the utility, all changes made during the session are lost.

Start the command-line configuration utility by typing "" at the UNIX shell prompt, as shown:

    AcuODBC Server configuration, Version 6.0.0   
    In which directory are your data source configuration (.dsn)   
    files [.]?   
    This should match the value of DSN-DIRECTORY in your   
    configuration file.   

Press Enter to accept the default or enter the name of the directory. In this example, the default is the current directory. Section 8.3.3 provides information on the DSN_DIRECTORY configuration variable.

    Current Data Sources:   

If you have already configured data sources, they are listed here. If you are creating a new DSN, the name can be in either uppercase or lowercase letters. Future references to this DSN must be in the same letter case that you use in naming it here.

    Data Source Name:  testing   
    Data Source Configuration file "testing" does not exist.   
    Do you wish to create it [Y]?   

Enter Y to create a new DSN. Enter N if you do not wish to create a new DSN. If you enter N, you are requested again to enter a data source name.

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