AcuODBC User's Guide
Version 6.0

8.2 Getting Started

Before using AcuODBC Server, you must perform the following steps:

  1. If the DSN will be on a UNIX server, you must assign a value to the DSN_DIRECTORY configuration variable. See section 8.4.1 for information on DSN_DIRECTORY and other configuration variables.
  2. To ensure proper system security, identify users to the system by adding their names and passwords (if appropriate) to the AcuAccess file. See section 8.3 for information on system security.
  3. Start AcuODBC Server as a service or daemon. See section 8.4.4 for information on starting AcuODBC Server using the AcuODBC Server Control Panel (ODCP) or the acuodbcs command.
  4. Configure the DSN on both the client and the server.

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