AcuODBC User's Guide
Version 6.0

8.4.3 Determining Whether acuodbcs is Installed as a Windows Service

Using the AcuODBC Server Control Panel, it is easy to determine whether or not acuodbcs is installed as a service. The Services tab of the control panel lists all installed acuodbcs services. Services that are currently running are marked with a green bullet, whereas services that are stopped are marked with a red bullet.

From the command line, you can use the "acuodbcs -query" command to find out whether or not the specified Windows service is installed.

Optional arguments to "-query" include:

Specifies the name of the server machine. If no server is specified, the server is assumed to be the local host.
-n portnum
Identifies a particular instance of the acuodbcs program by port number. The "-n" must be followed by a space and then an integer, e.g., "6524". If no port number is specified, the command queries the default port.

When you enter this option, you receive a message stating whether or not the service is installed, and if it is, whether or not the service is currently running. The "-query" command also displays the startup parameters that have been stored for the service, if any. For example:

    C:\Acucorp\Acucbl600\AcuGT\bin>acuodbcs -query   
    Service 'AcuODBCS' (AcuODBCS 6.0.0 on the default port (20222)) exists   
    Start Up: Automatic   
    Program: 'C:\Acucorp\Acucbl600\AcuGT\bin\acuodbcs.exe'   
    No Startup arguments stored, using default: ''   
    Status: not running   

Note that the startup arguments listed are the arguments used to install the service, and not the arguments given to the currently running server.

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