AcuODBC User's Guide
Version 6.0

8.4.2 Installing and Removing the acuodbcs Service (Windows only)

After you install the AcuODBC Server software from the distribution medium, you must indicate to the system that you want the server running as a service in the background. This section provides two methods for including acuodbcs as a Windows NT/2000 service and two methods for removing an installed service.

Removing an acuodbcs service shuts down the AcuODBC Server (if it is not already shut down), removes the Windows NT/2000 service for acuodbcs, and removes the service's stored startup parameters. Note that the AcuODBC Server software remains on your machine, and that you can activate the service again by re-installing acuodbcs as a service using either of the procedures described in this section.

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