AcuODBC User's Guide
Version 6.0

8.4.1 AcuODBC Server Configuration Variables

AcuODBC Server includes a server configuration file named "odbcscfg". On UNIX servers, it is located in "/etc". On Windows NT or Windows 2000 servers, it is located in "c:\etc". If the file is given another name or located in another directory, the full location and name of the file must be specified in the AcuODBC Server Control Panel or with the "-c" option when you start AcuODBC Server from the command line. See section 8.4.2, "Installing and Removing the acuodbcs Service (Windows only)," and section 8.4.4, "Starting and Stopping acuodbcs," for more information.

You can set as many as three server configuration variables. The following table lists the variables and their defaults. The rest of this section provides additional details on the variables.

Variable name
Default value
/etc/AcuAccess (UNIX)
\etc\AcuAccess (Windows NT or Windows 2000)
(in UNIX environments only)

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