AcuODBC User's Guide
Version 6.0

6.3.8 NUMERIC Directive

The NUMERIC directive allows you to treat a data item as an unsigned integer when it is declared as alphanumeric. You might use this when the data stored in the item is always numeric.




    *(( XFD NUMERIC ))   


The PATIENT-ID field (now appearing in the database table as the PATIENT column) is defined in the source code as being a text field. Since this field will always contain a number, you may want to define it in the database table as numeric. (Note the use of two directives for the same data item here.)

           FILE SECTION.   
           FD  qa-file.   
          $XFD COMMENT  This is a sample file demonstrating directives.   
           01  qa-record.   
               03  animal-info.   
          *((XFD NAME=PATIENT, NUMERIC ))   
                   05  patient-id                  pic x(5).   
                   05  atype                       pic x.   
                   05  ctype redefines atype       pic x.   
                   05  dtype redefines atype       pic x.   
                   05  otype redefines atype       pic x.   
               03  owner-info.   
                   05  phone                       pic x(8).   
                   05  owner                       pic x(30).    
               03  financial.   
                   05  acct_no.   
                       10  year                    pic x(2).   
                       10  seq_no                  pic x(4).   
          *(( XFD DATE=YYYYMMDD, USE GROUP ))   
                   05  last_visit.   
                       10  yyyy                    pic 9(4).   
                       10  mm                      pic 9(2).   
                       10  dd                      pic 9(2).   
          $XFD HIDDEN   
                   05  fee                         pic s9(5)v99.   

The following table is the result, and, in the database, PATIENT is now of type NUMBER.

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