AcuODBC User's Guide
Version 6.0

3.8.1 Creating the Master DSN

  1. Create the master DSN in a manner similar to creating a standard DSN. (See section 3.1, "Data Source Names (DSNs)," for more information.)
  2. On the General tab, specify only the "Data Source Name" and the "XFD Directory". AcuODBC takes data directory information from the individual company-specific DSNs.
  3. Complete the other tabs as appropriate.
  4. Select the Multicompany tab to specify the individual DSNs, the location of their data files, and their write permissions.
    1. For "Company", enter the name of a company whose data will be part of the master DSN.
    2. For "Data Directory", enter the path to the directory where the company's data files reside.
    3. For "Write Permission", specify write permissions for the data source specified in Company. You can specify "DSN Default," "Read Only," or "Read/Write." "DSN Default" tells AcuODBC to use the default established in the Read Only field on the Advanced tab of the master DSN.
  5. To add the company DSN to the table, click Add. The information you entered appears in the table. Note the check box at the far left of the row. You'll select or deselect it to indicate if this individual data source can be accessed through the master DSN.
  6. Click OK when you have finished defining the master DSN.

Do not enter a Master Data Source for the master DSN. You enter that information when defining the individual company-specific DSNs.

Note that you can access only the individual DSNs through the ODBC-enabled application; you cannot access the master DSN directly. Attempts to do so yield undefined results.

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