AcuODBC User's Guide
Version 6.0

3.8 Multicompany Support

The Multicompany option provides you with a way to manage multiple DSNs. Using this feature, you can effect changes to or manage many related DSNs by manipulating only the master DSN. For instance, you may establish one master DSN for accounting, another for customer service, and a third for clients. Each of these master data sources can contain several individual company-specific data sources. For example, your master accounting DSN may have 20 different customer DSNs associated with it. Then, if you want to change the configuration of all your accounting data sources, you have to do it only once, when defining (or re-defining) the master DSN, as described below.

There are two parts to defining a multicompany DSN: defining the master DSN and defining the individual company-specific DSNs that make up the master.

The ".xfd" files for the individual DSNs must be in the same directory. The data files can be in different directories, and you can specify write permissions for an individual DSN that are different from that of the master DSN.

The names of the respective DSNs are arbitrary, but should be meaningful to you. For example, the name may be composed of two different parts, such as the name of a company and the name of the department. A DSN name of "acuacct", for example, might indicate the Acucorp accounting department.

Notes on the multicompany feature

You can access only the individual DSNs through the ODBC-enabled application; you cannot access the master DSN directly. Attempts to do so yield undefined results.

If you are using Microsoft Access and you are linking the tables, you must relink every time you start Access and use this data source.

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