AcuODBC User's Guide
Version 6.0

2.1 AcuODBC Design

Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), developed by Microsoft, is the standard way to connect Windows applications to relational and non-relational databases. To submit a request to a database, ODBC-enabled applications use Structured Query Language (SQL).

There are three main ways to generate SQL commands from Windows applications:

The AcuODBC® interface is designed to let Windows users read and write ACUCOBOL(TM)-GT's Vision files as well as relative files. Since none of these file formats is relational, AcuODBC's job is to receive ODBC calls from ODBC-enabled applications (like Microsoft Word) and translate them into the appropriate I/O actions.

After AcuODBC translates the ODBC calls into Vision I/O, it processes these requests for data and returns results to the driver manager, which passes them along to the calling Windows application.

AcuODBC can operate in one of three scenarios:

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