AcuODBC User's Guide
Version 6.0

1.4 Front- and Back-end ODBC

Acucorp has two different ODBC products designed to ease the use of ACUCOBOL-GT applications and data in a Microsoft Windows environment: AcuODBC and Acu4GL® for ODBC.

AcuODBC is considered Acucorp's back-end ODBC product. As described earlier, it allows Acucorp customers to use their indexed and relative data files in ODBC-enabled Windows applications such as Crystal Reports Professional and Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access, or from custom Visual Basic applications.

Acucorp's front-end ODBC product is known as Acu4GL for ODBC. Acu4GL for ODBC allows ACUCOBOL-GT applications to access ODBC-compliant data sources such as Oracle®, Informix®, and Access in addition to the standard Vision file system. Acu4GL is licensed separately and documented in a separate manual.

Together, the ODBC interfaces give Acucorp customers a broad level of application and data flexibility.

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