Acu4GL User's Guide
Version 6.0

3.2 XFD Files

The compiler creates an XFD for each indexed file in the compiled program when you specify the "-Fx" compile-time option. XFDs are fully portable, and thus no recompilation is necessary if you change hardware. The compiler option "-Fa" causes the generation of XFDs for indexed, relative and sequential files for use with international character mapping only. The compiler option "-F4" generates version 4 XFD files for backwards compatibility with older versions of the runtime. See section 8.1, "Compiler Options," for additional information.

See Chapter 5 in Book 1, User's Guide of the ACUCOBOL-GT® compiler documentation for details on how the XFD files are generated from the COBOL program's FDs.

Creating XFD files at compile time offers two significant advantages:

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