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Legal Note — Terms of License Use

AccuRev is hereby granting the Customer listed above an AccuRev License Key, for a number not to exceed the actual number and type of licenses purchased and currently on maintenance. Specific restrictions for each of the license request types are noted below:

  • New Server License Key — A license key is being provided for a new main server. By requesting this license, the customer agrees to deinstall the licenses from the current main server within fifteen (15) days of receipt of the New Server License Key.
  • Test License — The test license key will be provided for the number of AccuRev licenses requested above through the requested Test License Expiration Date. These licenses must be used only for testing purposes, and must not be used for production.
  • Customers who elect to subsequently convert from a Named User license to either a Standard license or a Flexible License shall (i) destroy all prior license keys made available in connection with such Named User license and (ii) be prohibited from subsequently reverting to the Named User license.

By checking the box below, the customer agrees to comply with the terms as set forth above.